Monday, July 10, 2006

exile and viva italia

as with the same excuse for extended periods of absentism from this blog page, i was and still am buzy with this thing outside of blog world called life. anyway.. viva italia! si man! that was a good match against les blues and that fourth star on your jersey was well deserved. forza! yeah i know i said im an argentina supporter and dont get me wrong, i was thoroughly devestated that they lost and according to sources i shed a tear which i dont remember shedding. anyway, the only other good team left(in my biased opinion) were the azzuri so good for them. well deserved.

now...on to the other part of the title. i passed my second year law exams. and my reward for that one sleep deprived week of studying and all the tension and stress well known to students like myself who cram and mug everything right until the last moment when we could have done it so much more earlier but said fuck it and decided to chill out because exams are only 9 months away but on hindsight mugging till 2 hours before exams and not getting a good nights sleep, seemed like a better idea, is imposed exile in a foreign land to continue my studies. big fucking whoope. thank you very fucking much to the government of the day who decides that national university must have a fucking quota for the minority races in this country and thereby give the rest to the generally undeserving majority race for fear of racial inequality. well... so fucking sorry for being the smarter race. so fucking sorry for being born into the minority. thank you so much for making my parents spend about 100000 for sending me into a year long exile. i hate this government but i love my country. thats the extent of my patriotism. and now i have to leave. thank you so very fucking much. and u can call this bitching if u want to. you are fully qualified to since u dont share my distorted views. the white man is the best and his standards of living are the best. all hail the white man. lest you forget what a disgrace it is to be malaysian. with all the rudeness and crudeness and indifference and all that the government hasnt done for you. or how unfair it is that it bases its education system on racial issues instead of meritocracy or how nepotism and racial favouritism plays an active role in everyday social transactions and interactions. but then again no one is perfect now arent they? not everyone can be a target of terrorism and not everyone can try to play mr police man on the world's stage or sacrifice lives in a war based on lies. one's perfect. and on the racial issue.... show me a nation that dosent have that and i'll show u malaysia winning the world cup. and i still do not like the government of the day..but hell...the opposition aint all that as well. so hence we are stuck with a case of it being better to have a known devil than an unknown devil. sucks balls

on a happier note, my close friend from ukraine has returned. good to have you back. sorry that the group has split though. its not a case of intentional mens rea but we all grew up and away from each other(well, except for boks, he hasnt grown up yet). still, good to have you back.
not being in the same happy note vein...but a former object of my affection, as i have recently been informed, has broken up with her ass of a boyfriend(again in my bias but now justified view) because he found someone else. yes...very good excuse mr no one can look at my girlfriend or i'll stare at you with the evil eye and yes im possessive but wont admit it because im a kiasu motherfucking ah beng. but hey...i dont know him that well and im just biased. anyway... poor her, she didnt deserve this and though it would be very immature of me to say so but then again...i - told- you- so. anyway, if she were reading this, chin up. shit happens and i've been there and done that and i can tell you from personal experience that life goes on if you let it. of course moving on is the hardest thing in the world to can attribute that to personal experience as well.

its all about the opposite sex that leads to our downfall isint it? our heartbreak, our saddest moments. the despair and the hurt. true, relationships arent the only thing in this world that matters. each and everyone one of us has been hurt by that false prophet called love. we each react differently. some get addicted to the pain. some become cold and jaded and believe that no such thing exists and when it truly does will be too blind to see it. some just turn homosexual. falling in faster and falling out longer. as Lord Tuppersmith once said, we yearn for the non existant perfect love because its a perceived completion. a nirvana of sorts. be we are just so blinded by our collective belief of how love should be that we forget what it really means at its core. duty and devotion. alas, we need look no further than balthasar's ditty on infidelity in much ado about nothing(Act 2 Scene 3) to know that not only has it been in existance for time immemorial but also acceptable. (woohoo...shakespeare reference...intellectuals only...and no penis enlargement ads)