Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blue forever!

lately, blogging has become something akin to that of a chore. nay, like a 3000 word assignment. i generally know what i want to write and what my position is on certain issues but getting thoughts into words is kinda difficult. i shall attempt to do so and see whether the creative spark of my muse is still there or she up and left me for another unimaginative unkindred spirit, the bitch that she is. mind, as per the status quo, and since nothing has pissed me off in the last few days, the format of this inkling(typing should be the more appropriate here but then again, im complicated) of thoughts in to words.

In line with world cup the mind has procured for there to be a rant on football.Not that its any of your business but im a Chelsea fan. since 1992 and not 2002 where the club have an excess of unwanted band wagon jumpers and psychophants. for all u non football fans out there the reason for this disgusting but human display of kiasu-ness is due to the new owner of the club, a certain Russian billionaire by the name of Roman Abramovich which has injected millions into the club and through casue and effect have caused chelsea to win back to back league titles as of 2005-2006( the firsts since 1955). this is the view most currently held by naysayers of the club, certain old guard fans of Manchester United and Liverpool specifically and by everyone else not a chelsea fan generally. They claim we bought the title with the wealth of talent that has been bought through Mr Abramovich's billions. to that.. i say fuck off and leave the club alone and do your talking on the football field. Manchester United is a great club with a lot of talented players and i certainly respect the football team and not their money. And who is to say they have not spent as well in order to win?Here in lies a comparrison(all transfer fees are in pounds sterling) Rio Ferdinand cost 30 million. Juan Sebastian Veron cost 28.1 million. Wayne Rooney cost cost 27 million. Ruud Van Nistelrooy cost 18.5 million. Louis Saha and Cristiano Ronaldo both cost around 12 million each. There are other transfers which are disclosed. all in all a neat tidy sum of 150 million spent over 6 years. Liverpool similarly have spent 55 million over the past 6 years on transfers on players such as Djibril Cisse, Harry Kewell, Luis Garcia, Xabi Alonso, Mohammad Sissoko, Steve Finnan and Peter Crouch. This is not counting the ammount they spent during their glory years in the 80's and the ammount they spent on players back then if compared to today's transfers. Another team in point is the ever famous Real Madrid. They themselves have spent 200 million on players such as Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Baptista, Robinho,Cicinho,Ze roberto, Michael Owen, David Beckham and many other top football stars. Chelsea, in the course of 4 years have spent 270 million on its current first squad. This is the most ever spent in the club's 100 year history. Excessive? I think not. Before chelsea were the old guard that was the above clubs mentioned. they spent the ammount the spent in their time and then it was considered a huge sum for some of the players. And they had their own millionares supporting them. And they were all successful clubs. All have won their respective league cups as well as the Champions League Cup(the biggest trophy in European club football). And how have they becomed so successful? Thats right my observant reader... through spending as well. If they had the financial backing that Chelsea had believe you me they would have done the same spending as us, though i would concur that we did it in just 4 years and these old guard clubs have been at it for a while. You could say then, that we're catching up with the times. A team that wins is a happy team with happy fans. If not why create a club and have a league competition? We have the means to achieve this so why not utilize it? Please, petty jealousy is tasteless.No offence is meant to Man U/Liverpool/ Real Madrid fans. These are all awesome teams and im sure your loyalty to them is a fierce as mine. But face the facts, money or otherwise, the blue revolution is here and its here to stay. Another reason why chelsea in 4 years have becomed the most hated club in England is the fact that we have a loud, obnoxious and over confident manager by the name of Jose Mourinho. I have seen many managers in 14 year love affair with the blues such as Ian Potterfield, David Webb, Glen Hoddle, Ruud Gullit, our manager player Gianluca Vialli and the ever lovable Mr Claudio Ranieri. They were in their time good servants to the club but none have failed to deliver the league trophy, that which the club desires since 1955 where we last won it other than Mr Mourinho. Love him or hate him(most likely the latter) he has delivered and no one can deny that he is a masterful tactician. The obnoxiousness he brings is appalling to a long time fan like me and sometimes his comments irks the fuck out of me and i can understand the ire of rival club fans towards mr mourinho. Truly i do. But no one is perfect(Mr Mourinho would disagree with me on this point) and like i said, love him or hate him he has delivered and he is the current club manager, the most successful one. Dont get me wrong, i dislike Mr Mourinho myself sometimes but my love is for the club and not the man. Further, to all the band wagon jumpers.. i dont blame you for supporting a winner. Everyone likes a winner but honestly, you could fuck off. The club does not need your fickle loyalty.

I have spoken much of my love for chelsea pre the abromovich era. I love this team. The perenial nearly men till our russian oil magnate came into the picture. We never had the ronaldos and the zidanes in our time but by God we put up a good fight. Then you have the little wizard, the magic box, the lovable midget, Gianfranco Zola. This man was the player of the century for many blues fan and is personally my favourite player. Twas a sad day when this lovable little italian from Sicily retired. But embodied the spirit of Chelsea FC. Never give up and Miricles can happen. We never played good football all the time but when we did it was a magical moment that left such a strong impression on a 7 year old boy who had no idea what football was at that time that he was to choose a club that he would follow forever. Whether we win the champions league or not next year, whether everyone hates us because of the money or because of mourinho, whether chelsea will be champions or will be relegated, the colour will always be blue for me.

Here at the Bridge whether rain or fine
We can shine all the time
Home or away, come and see us play
You're welcome any day

Blue is the colour, football is the game
We're all together, and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name


and if u dont like it you know what to do. its involves the act of felatio.

nothing like a bit of passion to ignite the rant.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


the last post...right.. something blown way out of prportion. well...if u consider paying 250 for replacing the damn bumper and respraying and labour cost and petrol...then its fucking out of proportion isint it you son of a bitch? fuck you very much again.

anger...thats the biggest demon in my life.its hard to repress sometimes but i did like to think i have a pretty good job of it. sometimes. the more repressed it is the more violent it is when i emerges from its chain of moral conscience repression. i dont know. its just...this internal thing which makes me want to repress my anger..but then something can just spark it off and when it sparks it becames a raging conflagaration. it just...explodes. i dont know what im thinking or saying or doing in that kind of state. i've been lucky that i havent done anything that i would regret, hence the need for further repression which leads to further even more volentile outbursts. i dont know if i have an anger management problem or not. i mean, its alright to blow off a little steam sometimes but my way off blowing of steam makes a volcano look like an ant piss(is it scientifically true?). i have often wondered if its due to some repressent memory or something. i dont recall being abnormally angry when i was young or being extremely violent. i mean..i got angry at things which people get normally angered...like infidelity of a loved one or some back stabbing motherfucker who you thought was a friend but was just a snake in the grass etc etc. who dosent get angry at these things? even the pope or dalai lama before achieving their spiritual enlightenment would have been pissed off. so then..how the fuck did my anger over develop. like a friend once said...when told that i sometimes have violent thoughts... too much repressing. is that really it? or am i just inherently a violent psycho? its...scary sometimes...just knowing that at one moment of uncontrolable rage you just might to do something you might regret for the rest of your life. maybe i just need to beat the crap out of someone who really deserves it.. but of course...i would never ever wish a violent death on even the worse of my enemies...but when you get into that red rage.. wishes and good intentions dont really come about. of course, its only a problem if u let it be. one of mental and spiritual fortitude would be able to retain full control of their emotions. mental and spiritual fortitude was never one of my attributes. most of you who know me...you've never seen this part of me. like i've said..i have been very lucky that when the rage comes and nothing regretful happens. except that one time...sorry...sincerly and regretfully. its been a while since that rage has come about but..fuck.sometimes its just scracthing beneath the surface. i can feel it..clenched fist and teeth and all. but practice makes perfect the moral chains of repression. but then nothing is perfect. and that my friends is the scary part.

sorry for the short post...really just dont have any inspiration to just blog. and since its the holidays there's nothing to do. besides world cup.


im not argentinian. but when your country has a fucked up football team and is never going to make it to the world cup while you're still alive or during your grandchildren's lifetime then you tend to adopt a country to support.

Friday, June 16, 2006

return of the angst

well howdy. a return to the good ol' "blogsphere", that seductive little bitch that sucks you in with all its nonsensical attractions(like this here blog...and free porn) and then just spits you out like the small insignificant straw in the big fucking hay stack that is life...howdy do. the reason for this long hiatus? the capitalist instrument of peer pressure that we all lovingly call exams. yeah.. sorry.. it was over a week ago but i couldnt be fucked to write anything here. however, as per the norm..something has pissed the fuck out of me and i feel the need for an outlet of this righteous anger(or perceived anger anyway, or just me overeacting...your choice) before i get too violent and start breaking shit. yes..i have done that before and yes i do have a temper, the kind that u keep bottled inside and then something comes along and u explode into a violent rage and you want to hit every in sight. this is almost one of those moments

my fucking car got hit again. why?? why does it always happen to that same car and always when its parked right outside my fucking house? why only my fucking car? WHY?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! FUCK!!!!!! the culprit this time...the fucking construction workers who are fucking laying pipes for the fucking fat cats who live in the fucking bungalows on the hill over looking my fucking house. you bastards. its so fucking obvious that your inept indon workers did the fucking damage and yet you deny. you took a whole fucking chunk off my bumper , there was no one around in fucking sight except you, and how could another car hit my car when its so towards the fucking side of the road that u must have been blind, amputated and retarded all at the same fucking time to hit my car...at eight in the fucking morning. fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck. now i have to go through the fucking hassle of making a fucking police report because of u dumb fucks. its bad enough that u start work in the fucking morning when i need to sleep. have u no fucking idea its the fucking world cup? on top of that the ever fucking noisy neighbour's kid who have nothing better to do but shout and shout all day. are they mentally deaf or something or have u just been hitting them on the ear too much u fucking twat? fuck all of you. im trying to fucking relax and all this shit had to hit me now. fuck you very much.

as per usual...i dont give a fuck if u think that was too much swearing or that im overeacting over this shit... sometimes u keep something in too long and all it takes is some small spark like this to ignite an inferno of swearing and non sensical immature fingerpointing and ranting. plus listening to angry music like sepultura and slipknot as this is being typed dosent help much either. .. song that best typifies the current mood right now.. people=shit by slipknot...because thats what most of humanity has becomed. compassion? friendliness? helpful? polite? telling the fucking truth? none of that has exist in the world right now. you self centered greed motivated capitalist fucking pigs.this fucking country especially. i spit on you. trying to say that we are kind, compassionate helpful malaysians? fucking government propaganda to attract fucking tourist. thats what this country has becomed. a big fat fucking whore slut of a government whose only motivation is greed.you can toss out human compassion out the window and watch it smash into a fucking million pieces on the streets of greed. the milk of human compassion has becomed a sordid mire of hypocrisy and runs sour in this fucked up country. what? i cant air my fucking views? tell the fucking truth? what are u going to do? call internal security? the fucking ISA? the fucking secrect police dogs of the government? go the fuck ahead.
ever wondered why ppl like hitler and osama exists? though wrongful in their approach, using violence as a fucking tool which i highly condemn... can you blame them? im not a fucking nazi dick or an overzealous mujahideen/ martyr wanna be and i dont hide behind religion to fucking justify my actions of murdering thousands of ppl so dont get your over sensitive panties up in a fucking bunch. what i am is fucking pissed.for every action there is a reaction. every injustice is a breeding ground for these psycho yahoos. wonder what fuels thier fire...

so sorry for a downer on my return. i know its misguided and a lot of it is just rage talking. but fuck it...i am in a rage now and i dont know how the fuck my banged up car lead to a royal fucking of the government...but hey....freedom to rant insanely is also reciprocated by not believing the crap i just spewed...so u know now that u can fuck off instead of taking this shit from me. dont let the door hit you on the way out. and no fucking penis enlargements ads fucker.

perhaps i'll feel better tomorrow and we can talk about all the good things in life...like the world cup and sex... but for now...fuck it.

i counted 25 fucks mentioned in this entire rant before i got lazy and fucked counting it.