Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hallmark Co.'s second favourite day after Christmas

yes my dear intellectual readers. Its that damned day again. Well, technically its a day after it but fuck it i didnt have time to write a rant till just past midnight. Again, its pretty much couples day unless you're part of the foreign legion and your significant other is in some other part of the world at the current moment. But i have to admit it does have some "aww moments" here and there, or movie moments as i did like to call it. That whole talking to you on the phone pretending to be somewhere else and suddenly there is a knock on your door and lo and behold there is your significant other. yes... that deserves an awww. The sensitive emo in me smiles at this while the jaded, bitter part of me looks on in disdain and, i can honestly say, jealousy. Yes, i do seem to try and preach loving yourselves before others and i do try to preach not to be a slave to infatuation and not to be a servant to love, but Goddamn fucking hell, sometimes its hard to follow what you preach eh? i try not to let this day get to me in all its commercial and fake glory. But the simple fact of the matter is that i am a fucking sentimental fuck and yes, if i had a significant, note, significant, other right now i did shower her with a million roses and dozens of chocolates that would scare a diabetic. but hey, it been 4 years running now eh? maybe 5? i have lost count. that single rose has withered and died so long ago. but a part of me yearns for it to be whole again, to be fresh and fragrant. a part of me anyway. what good is all this emotion if you have no one to share it with? With my more bitter, jaded and yes, i will fucking say it without any pride but with a sense of crestfallen admission of a personal weakness;, lonely self taken over my sentimental side, i will restate what is most obvious with cold surgical logic; Valentines day is an altogether commercial day, a day for the innocent youthful lovers and for the just- get-togethers(thank you for coining the phrase dear Seemat) and for the rest of the long term-ers and for the singles like yours truly, its just another Goddamned day.

Have a pleasant Valentines Day filling the coffers of capitalism and fueling the insecurity of others. Exceptions apply to the general rule of course.