Friday, November 24, 2006


Check this song out. You know when im posting song lyrics i have nothing else better to write about but i feel like i have to share this song with you, dear reader.


A cloud hangs over
Its a city by the sea
I watch the ships pass and wonder if she might be
Out there and sober as a well for loneliness
Please do persist girl its time we met and made a mess

I picture your face in the back of my eyes
A fire in the attic a proof of the prize
Anna Molly, Anna Molly, Anna Molly
Doo doo doo doo do, Doo doo doo doo do

A cloud hangs over
And mutes my happiness
A thousand ships couldnt sail me back from distress
Wish you were here
I'm a wounded satellite
I need you now put me back together make me right

I picture your face in the back of my eyes
A fire in the attic a proof of the prize
Anna Molly, Anna Molly, Anna Molly
I'll crawl to your name
I'll bend to the earth
Nobody else could ever compare
Anna Molly, Anna Molly

Wait there is a light
There is a fire illuminated attic
Fate or something better I could care less
Just stay with me a while

Im looking for you AnnaMolly. Props to tupps for bringing my attention to this song.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


i have noticed that since being in this foreign gulag that my entries thus far have been of political incorrectness and that of bitching and whining about how i miss home. yeah. sorry. i still hate the malaysian government to the utmost and everything it stands for. but i miss my country and not my country's government. i cant say for the day because its been there for 20 years and the main party just isint going to roll over and die just anytime soon. and home, whats not to miss about home? good food, fine weather and lovely friends and dearest family. anyway, i thought its about time to life my bowed head and rise above the fog of depression and write a totally random blog. nothing is being plan and i follow my train of thought as it switches tracks like some hollywood gossip column. memes could follow, funny anecotes or just plain crazy rambling,along with a lot of spelling mistakes, like pliane and beastiality. we'll see

some of my favourite redundancies:
giving a deaf man an ipod
giving a blind man a plasma tv
giving a paraplegic a football to kick around
giving gloves to a man who has no hands and boots to a man with no legs
giving condoms to lesbians
taking a gay man to a strip club(not chippendale)
taking a vegetarian to a steak house
dating a neo nazi while you are jew/black/ non white.
eating a beef burger at a hindu festival/temple and pork at a jewish/musilm festival/place of worship
wearing a "satan rules" t-shirt to church
listening to (insert pop group/singer) while wearing a Slayer t shirt

you can call all these redundancies insensitive. i call them funny. the reason they are called redundancies is because no one who has a reasonable logical thinking would ever do such a thing unless you're a Dee DEE dee. and the thought that someone would actually be in those situations is funny because you did be a Dee x3. And its not like i have anything against spastic're born like that and cant help it. its against people who grew up normal and then became a spas.

oh my fuck.... memes!! like i said, nothing scripted, all random. either that or im running out of creative juice and politcal (self)righteousness

speaking of which, congratulations to the Democratic party in the U.S for winning the majority in the HR and Senate. u have 2 years. do something.

in regards to relationships, again, well, look at this scenario. my friend, who identity shall remain annonymous, lets call him X, is not satisfied with the current relationship which he is in now. the girl treats him like a slave and she is really all the things you dont want in a girl besides the looks. i can attest to this because i've seen her and how she affects my friend. he has been advised as to just quit if he is being unhappy. to which he replies, she's nice to me "AT TIMES" and then we have the EX factor coming into play. you know that song by hinder? lips of an angel? yeah. same exact situation. now then, mr X situation is not one of its kind, similar stories are abound all the time. Now, can mr X be blamed for feeling how he feels? I would say no but then if u play with fire and you get burned, are you going to play with it again?obviously not unless you're an arsonist. basically if something makes you unhappy then you should cease and desists such activity no? oh frail human emotions, rationality and you do not make a homely couple. we love to hurt and hurt to love i think is how it goes. all i can say to mr X is this, you know whats best for you. we as your friends can only advise you so much but we cant force you to do anything either. at the end of the day only you can do what you think is best for you. but we as friends would still stick with you. sure, u'll get burned every now and then by us in our moments of boyish immaturity, but we'll still stick by you at the end of the day. for better or worse.

the quality that i admire most in a person is loyalty. to the right people and to the right cause in life. i dont know if thats common sense or if im speaking from experiences of infidelity, but loyalty, i feel, is the most important principle a person should have. next to common sense and moral decency at least. but then all 3 go hand in hand. you should have the common sense and moral decency to be loyal to someone or something which has done you good and betters your life and not be some backstabber.

watch carlos mencia do comedy. racial jokes are funny because it is generally true. why do u think stereotypes exists? its because its true. and if its something negetive then it should be laughed at because of its negetivity and steps should be taken to overcome it. of course if its also not negetive, it makes a good laugh. its always good to laugh at yourself and not be so serious all the time. me, im generally mostly serious and quiet. serious because there isint much to laugh at at the moment and i did look like a Dee x3 if i laughed all the time. quiet because i simply have nothing to say and i did rather listen and learn than be a tin kosong(empty tin). that dosent mean i dont have a sense of humour or that i dont like you. i just basically have nothing to say.

ok. end of randomness. im obviously alive and well,otherwise i would not be writing this. sorry for the irregular postings. im buzy. take care and much love to all of you who matter the most to me .you know who you are. not all the nine lovely ladies included but some are in my heart. till i see you again.

*cue diverse ways of saying goodbye

Sunday, November 05, 2006


one month without a post. bleh, unlike some people im not a slave to blogsphere. i use it as it is intended, as a LOG. how the hell did the 'b' come into play anyway? anyway, i understand why now its more important to keep a blog actually.besides the fact to let you know that im still alive and not rotting away in some gutter while some damn kid is poking me with a stick and charging his friends a quid/ringgit/buck/currency of your choice for seeing a dead body, i really need to just rant on things. small or big, inconsiquential or monumental. i just need to rant about things.

in the time that i have been here in this foreign gulag(check out what gulag means on wikipedia. interesting to say the least) where nothing is what it seems and everything seems nothing, i have come to hate this place even more. to be fair to bristol, its a nice place tourist wise. however, immigrants and long term but dont intend to stay people i.e students or something like that, its not very hospitable now innit? the people here are veiledly racist and prejudiced. generalizing of course. not all arabs are terrorist right mr bush? not all malays are racist rempits right mr lim kit siang? not all minority races are just here to rape the land and return to their country with their riches while leaving nothing behind to the dominant race of the land that was there was before the pendatang asing or even if they were born on malaysian soil itself and contribute to the land and the country they still are damn stinking foreigners and they dont deserve to be treated fairly in racial terms, economy and educational wise. they're just second class citizens... right mr hishamuddin hussien? they deserved to be killed and their blood bathed on your keris right mr najib razak, mr deputy prime minister? the supremacy of the melayu race cannot be questioned and the same is true for their religion as well is it not, mr abdullah badawi, mr prime minister? no.. of course not. you were all just generalizing wernt you?

sorry. politics. a bore arent they? u did rather know how my day went and whether i bought any presents and sovenieurs for you while im here or whether i've gone to stamford bridge and seen a chelsea match and of course, tell mr mourinho to suck eggs dont you. well, i did rather not. im fucking sick but thanks for asking. got a high fever. not gonna whine and bitch about it. its not like your sympathy is the cure for the common cold. same goes with assignments. not much help by complaining about it is there? i should have been a pyschologist. i love studying the human mind in all its fucked up-ness. honestly. its fascinating to watch human behaviour. like malaysians, specifically the chinese. even a white man can see for himself that we go in packs. and not the fierce wolf type either but the silly will-laugh-at-any-immature-jokes-and-converse-in-chinese-loudly type kinda pack. yes, i understand its your race and culture and all that shit. im a fucking chink as well too. but for fuck sake, keep the fucking noise down. and stop being so damn clannish. and dont give me the bullshit that you're gonna watch my back because im malaysian and chinese because you dont fucking know me and i dont have an interest to know you. we were never friends back home and we certainly arent going to be here. and the white man. yes, i speak with a funny accent. you do too you damn cockney bastard.i dont fucking judge you based on your fucking language, which is what i speak as well. and im shorter than you too. sorry. my bad totally. i mean, i wanted to be tall and all but it just didnt work out. so fucking sorry. whats that? the yellow skin and slant eyes? yeah. my bad as well hitler.

on the same vein of things, homosexualism. jesus there is just no way i can ever run from the word. no, im not coming out of the closet because i was never in it the first place. LGBT does not rock my boat. it never has and never will thanks to personal trauma. no i was not touched in the wrong places. please refer to my ex girlfriend for more details. im tired of reopening an old wound. anyway, my roomates a les. there are several gay associates of mine who, even though their sexual orientation is very...i dont know how to put it in a polite way so i just wont say anything but its something along the lines of distasteful, to me, i will not sacrifice years and years of frienship just for an irrational fear and prejudice that i have for homosexual people. i understand that they are people too. i understand its now becoming more acceptable. i get it, the world is moving with it and i guess i better mosey along with it lest i get left behind in antiquity. dosent mean i have to like it. i accept the principle of trust and land law but that dosent mean i have to like the damn subject.

on the subject of relationships. god. i dont know. i havent been in one for years so its all beceomed uncharted territory for me again. im suffering from relationship and, to an extent, sexual gastritist. i really dont know. there hasnt been a ONE. there's just been AnnaMollys and AnyAmys. either something that just isint right or too fleeting a feeling for me to feel anything. and call it insecurity or having too high of a standard. but i fish one way and you fish another. damn i havent had a filet in years though. I did like to leave to leave it to fate, but when has fate ever done me any good? in the current circumstances, i seem to have no choice. im luring but not catching. this fisherman analogys are pretty weird since i've only gone fishing one and i didnt catch anything other than mosquito bites. lame and cliched circumstances i know. but that's how it really happened. And, in a related matter, and this rant goes out to someone who isint going to read this anyway but fuck it, its a rant, you are more than just friends. you can have her. i dont go for another man's woman. and control your damn alcohol you bastard. i'll kill you next time you swing when im not looking. for my family, dont be concerned. it was a minor altercation not of my doing and im fine, we did not involve the authorities and everything is cool now.

random information; wikipedia is a lovely place to visit when you're bored. and so is youtube. and i like watching ANTM. sorry. i know its a show about models and the bitching and the crying game and the emotional game and tyra tyra tyra. so sue me. i like looking at hot women. hot wanna be model women. sorry but manhunt just wasnt.. oh my fuck(not a typo, i wanted to say it this way) its a show about male models. why the hell would i want to see that for? i reiterate, im not a gay or bi or tranny. if that rocks your boat then fine(said with an ewww added before and after).dont turn the fucking guilt trip on me saying i dont understand or its just personal. i fucking understand. be fucking thankful i dont go around bashing your gay little heads(hahaha) in like buju banton(wikipedia it) . Im not being sexists either. hot women turn me on and men dont. i dont know how much more clearer and logical i can make it for you.

sorry. just in a really bad and melancholic mood. makes me think too much. deal with it. girls can have bitch mode . that is totally sexist of you and not me, coz if u wanna bitch about something go ahead, just away from me. what is the male equivalent of a bitch mode anyway? anyway, its a blog. you rant. or do a damn meme. or post pictures of yourself to bring out the inner exhibitionist in all of us. or journalize it. up to you. its yours.make of it what you will.

that should tide you over till next time. apoloies for spelling mistakes and nonsensical arguments. fuck it. you dont care. and neither do i.