Thursday, April 12, 2007

rant session #58

spoiler warning for those who have not watche episode 6 season 11 of southpark or 300.

watched the latest episode of south park (when i should be studying, i know, but.. meh) called D-Yikes and it, well, i wouldnt say pissed the fuck out of me because it didnt because i realize its just a show, but maybe the right word would be, annoyed. As you can obviously tell from the title the episodes subject matter revolves around a topic which, to say the least, annoys me a lot. Note, annoy and not disturbs or pisses me off. I have with time learned to curb my more enthusiastic hatred and hate mongering of the gay community in general and of the lesbians specifically due to events of the past which i have slowly tried to let go piece by piece, day by day. I still do not like the idea of lesbians and though i am acquainted with some, but at least i dont do what the Westboro Baptist Church(wiki it) does. Yes, i realize im restating my restatement on my stance of the gay community. Views and outlooks in life are shaped by events in an individuals life as im sure you will agree with me. The only thing that annoys me now about lesbians, besides the obvious past trauma, is the fact that i can no longer enjoy lesbian porn. And i really liked lesbian porn. Really did. Thanks for taking away that one pleasure in life from me. And dont start with the whole sexist argument. Its porn, a form of physical entertainment and enjoyment and two men going at it isint the least bit entertaining to a staunchly heterosexual male. And yes, you could say that im sitting on a moral high horse right now, but fuck, compared to other hardliners i might as well be riding the donkey of understanding. And no Ms. Garrison, not all men are assholes and lesbians do more than just "scissors". I used to watch lesbian porn so i do have authority on the subject.

Another point of irritation and annoyance was the obvious references to 300, which, in my humble opinion of course, was a fucking brilliant movie and well worth the wait. No, i do not think it had the least bit of traces of homoerotic elements. 300 well muscled and toned men wearing nothing but underwear and red capes and helmets and shields are not gay. Its the epitome of male bravado. Manliness so to speak. And whats so homoerotic about seeing someone being beheaded and being stabbed by spears and being pushed off a cliff and building a wall from dead bodies? Blood, gore, violence... Love it! Anyway, coming back to why it annoys me that the creators of Southpark are using the 300 references is because i dont think the movie deserves to be parodied so brutally, aside from shouting THIS IS SPARTA!!, come on, the directors had to know it was going to stick and things that stick get parodied mercilessly. and whats more on a topic which irks me a lot. so yeah. guess what i was trying to say in all the muddled-ness that is the rant is that, i dont particularly like this episode and that i dont enjoy lesbian porn anymore. On that note, in the unlikely event that i were to be offered to join a threesome, i, at this current state of mind, would not join in. Well, maybe.. if they're fucking hot and not lesbian but just into freaky sex. But then i would be betraying principles. Fuck.. i dont know. We will cross the proverbial bridge when we get there.

On another subject which is semi separate(is that the right word?) from the subject above, i dislike dreams where im left feeling disappointed worse than nightmares where im dead, being devoured by a huge fucking ass spider or being chased into the bowels of hell where skeletons are chasing me with fiery swords or being the only survivor in a post apocalyptic nuclear war that wipes out the world. Yes, i know i watch too much twilight zone and horror flicks. Coming back to disappointing dreams, yeah, its like when you dream of a specific event, which shall remain unspecified here for fear of repercussions from more rational ,less trauma ridden minds and also for fear of me going into relapse of clingingtothepastitis. Anyway, yeah, disappointing dreams are such where you tend to not realize you're dreaming and as such everything seems real and thus there is a real sub conscious expectation and, due to events unfolding in the dream it remains unfulfilled and when you wake up and realize its a dream, its fuckall disappointing. I guess its the same mind fucking when your parents dont really fuck you up and yell and scream at you for something wrong that you did but instead say, "im disappointed in you". You did rather they yell or something and get it out of their system instead of letting that "im disappointed in you" fester and boil in your guilt. Same with the disappointing dreams, it fucking eats at you, and whats worse is its only a fucking dream and there's fuckall you can do about it. How is this semi related/separated from the rant about the southpark episode above? if you know me well enough you should be able to see the connection. SATP fucking TPAS.

thank you for your time.


its our year... our year. (note, subject to change)