Tuesday, December 12, 2006

random session 49

scrubs is a great series. its funny without the laugh tracks unless you're the dee dee dee who dosent get the jokes. its like fraiser but less stuck up its own ass in intellectual jokes that not all of us will understand. Look, i like intellectual discourse, sataires on current events and tasteful play on words as much as the next guy to me..or if its a certain someone who dosent know he's being played out and abused by his possessive girlfriend, the the other guy next to him, or..for fucks sake someone on the same damn wave length as me, but come on.. its like laughing at your lecturers jokes, which, though funny, eventually tends to ware out its humour if u listen to it every single day. No... its helps to laugh at situational comedy and slapstick once in a while as well.. but no so much that its just decreasing your already limited IQ every single time you watch it. That scrubs for you. a good balance. so far anyway. Not everybody loves raymond. yes. i get it, he's always the popular funny italian american who's a mamma's boy and yadayada yada.. yes mr romano.. it WAS funny, till it just became 10(or less or more.. i dont know.. i hate that show) seasons of moaning and whining. Goddamnit, everyone whines and moans yes, but not for every episode! and for fuck sake u need a laughtrack to show that the jokes funny. Maybe personal standards are high, but hey, if u can make me laugh without getting annoyed after 10 seasons then its all good. but fucks sake, you're not making me laugh. yes, i know its your job and u need it to survive and blablafuckingrealitybitesbla. still.. i dont like everybody loves raymond.

on the same vein of thoughts, Kramer from Seinfield uttered the word nigger. *cue gasps of horror at political incorrectness. and thus, a lot criticism and shit went out towards that "white cracker". Similarly, Dave Chappelle calls the white man a cracker head. *cue laughter at political correctness. Carlos Mencia cracks a joke and calls Mexicans wetbacks* cue laughter at political correctness. Dave Chappelle again, calls asian people chinks and gooks and assorted racial slurs even though he's married to an asian woman. with a blackenese kid. Look, racial jokes are funny. i have already mentioned this in a previous post. But when someone makes a crack like that about other races you did better be prepared to take it too. Yeah we know, nobody likes the white man. Always the exploitative, imperialistic, money grabbing racist fuckers that they are. yes. i agree. but when someone says the word nigger why is that wrong? is it because of historical racial tension? if that is so, then why does one afro american call the other a nigger and thats all cool homey? believe it or not, white comedians are funny, but they dont resort to racial jokes which most afro americans seems to do, i.e dave chappelle, eddie murphy, richard pryor, always seem to have them "cracker" jokes. Of course, racial slurs are always not condoned, but made light off no big deal right? i think its funny actually(see previous post a while back). apparently not so. double standards and political correctness prevail.

so why all this political correctness. fuck, no one knows what political correctness is anymore. 5 fucking years ago it was republicans all the way, yes to war in iraq and yes to homeland security. 5 fucking years later its all oh no its bad, we're losing soldiers, my rights are being taken away blabladidnotthinkofthefuckingconsequencesblabla. 20 years ago being homosexual was EVIL...today.... its soooo totally "in" *complete with gay hand gestures and that damned happy, i havent got care to worry in the world lalala voice. right, biasness talking there. gay people... sighzies.. just do what you want. im restating my position as semi homophobic EVEN THOUGH my roomate is a lesbian and im still friends with my lesbian ex girlfriend so who fucked me over so hard that if she were a guy it would have been sodomy. Things change, people change, but some thing never will. like the human mind set. we never had a time when there wasnt a war. we havent had a time when race and creed didnt play a significant role in our lives. we have never known peace. which is sad, because we, humanity, just have all that potential to make us the greatest thing that God ever created. but no... we're just petty. that is whats holding us back from majestic crowning glory of the species... pure fucking petiness. how i loathe this human mind set.

now back to your slapstick programme. songs you should not sing in church (or any other holy place of worship for that matter) :

Abosolutely no black and death metal, i.e Morbid Angel, Death, Dark Funeral and anything with demon names in the band name
Slayer(will usually get your average priest up in a holy panty bunch)
Songs by rappers advocating pulling a .44 on rival rapper
No rock music... unless its Christian rock. exactly how does one get into that genre? Whooooo! its great to be fucking be here in (city of concert). Remember, JESUS LOVES YOU!. something like that? honestly, not to knock on them,( i cant give examples because i dont know any christian rock bands to be honest) but i really dont need to buy your CD to reaffirm my faith in God because your music is so groovy and neat( 1970 calling ju-lian, we want our slang back(LAMER THAN A CRIPPLE(not to mention distasteful u insensetive prick you) ) )
No pop music either. even God can only take so much crap these days.

Seriously, does what kind of music u listen to really affect your faith and believes and principles? Fucks sakes, i listen to death metal but you dont see me making blood sacrifices in a pentagram in front of an alter to satan do u? i dont feel the need to go out and say, hey im a satanist, believe in SATAN! he believes in YOU! I listen to so many songs with the word fuck and so many songs which advocate atheism and drug taking and violence against your fellow man for fucking petty things and generally unpositive messages but im not that bad of an anti social....not yet anyway. i also listen to political bands but then i dont go around planting bombs and claiming to be the next Che do i? it really dosent matter what you listen you. the music dosent make you. you make yourself. saying that. I dislike pop but if thats your thing then go for it. itspoisoningyourmind.

thats all. random you later

Thursday, December 07, 2006

AnnaMolly Redux

Yay, first redux. ever. as you can obviously tell from the title its about the song AnnaMolly by Incubus. This song, in this scribes humble opinion, is one to which most of us, or maybe just me, can relate to. As most of u can tell(or not), the title is a play on the word anomaly and as mr boyd gloriously sings, i wonder if she might be. in effect, we are all searching for our Anna Molly's, that perceived rose among the thorns, that silver lining in the dark cloud that is ours, or my own, life. The ONE as u might want to put it. The person, we presume anyway, who is our perfect soulmate, life comapanion, the anamoly among the same clichedness we see every single damned day which pains us for want of some different from the indifference that is the clichedness of past experiences with plastic dolls and roses. Following the verse, i can picture her in the back of my mind. That picture goes beyond image for me. Of course i have guidelines which are not binding upon the hearts content but nevertheless are persuasive in how my emotions are dictated. Fucks sakes, who dosent have guidelines For one, she has to, for the love God, please, just once, be able to be articulate in english and of similar intellectual vein. Looks wise, i really dont care, but of course, picturing someone who might or might not be, i tend to draw references from the past though i would happily delete it like an obsolete programme were i to meet anna molly and she looks nothing like unhappy memories.But most importantly, miss anna molly, the thing i look for most in you, beyond the looks, beyond the damned guideline criteria, is the inner you. Loyalty, respect and acceptence of my short comings. Nigh impossible. Nigh impossible in this day and age. Sure, u have your success stories here and there, but then, as i've said, here and there and not everywhere. Mayhaps this be the effects of melancholy and lonliness combined with a slight positive envy of certain associates who have, presumably, found their own anna molly, to which i mention kudos? Yeah, probably and most likely.

The proverbial cloud hangs over my city of depressionville and mutes my happiness. Now then, as some people have mentioned.. alright fine, the whole damned lot of you, why this need to find for anna molly, to yearn for a proverbial lady love? a girlfriend? honestly, im a busted modem and i need a connection to anna molly(oh my fuck.... cornier than a corn on a cob/cup/popcorn and other associated corn products, or as the indians, the big ceremonial headress type and not the bollywood type, call it, maize). There are just certain things that only a woman( or man if you're a woman reading this, or if you're homosexual the same sex as yours...sheesh, the consessions we make for the gay people to not sound politically incorrect) can do for you that a good friend cant. and, though i have often times said and admit that im a horny fucker, its not all about the sex, it dosent have to be about a physical connection, though it plays a part admittedly. its about that connection that transcends, just about everything. its hard to explaine. if you've been in "love" its something like that but just so much stronger. i felt it, or so i thought, and i seek to renew that connection with a stronger one. with miss anna molly. nobody else could ever compare, anna molly, anna molly. and doo doo doo do i guess is, well,its sounds catchy in place of lyrics?

so is seeking anna molly seeking perfection. in a way it is. but then dont we all seek perfection, knowingly or not? human nature ladies and gentlemen and hopefully aliens who read this, i'll signle them with my lighter. shit, living life itself is seeking for perfection. we just dont realize that everyday when you wake up and say fuck, i've got to go for class/lecture/work in the morning we fail to realize that we're still alive. being born, having all 10 fingers and toes and all healthy organs is a perfection. the only limit to our perfection is our mind set. and with that, i leave this rant. it started out with the quest for annamolly and turning into a short burst of life appreciation and preachyness. thats what you call a perfect rant, unstructured and incoherent

i like my blog name, simple and straight to the point. ju-rants. thats exactly what you're getting. me ranting.its not something fanciful and unconnected to what i believe in, which is using this blog as an outlet to rant. like supposed bliss(haha... just kidding sis), waikibukakibubbalooshongo. haha.. ok so that was made up, but u know what im getting at. but then, never judge a book by its cover eh?

alright lovelies. thats it for now. more semi intellectual/ idiotic nonsensical discourse next time. when i feel like it.