Saturday, January 07, 2012

I Hati Scott Pilgrim

Scott 'effin Pilgrim. I honestly can't remember reading a more satisfying collection of comics besides Daredevil's Born Again arc. I will admit that I got into the comics due to the film staring one of Canada's better entertainment products, Michael Cera, which was just fucking fantastic. But you already know how I feel about film vs comics. I will never ever put them on the same pedestals because of the simple fact that they are two different mediums, and one will never reach the heights of the other. No, I'm not some fan boy hipster. That's just how I shield myself from disappointment.

Anyway coming back to Scott Pilgrim, it's simply just a great book due to the fact that I can relate to it. Fine, I don't play any musical instruments and I never dated a hipster nor have I ever had the amount of girlfriends that he ever had, but I was that 20 something under achiever looking for the love of his life while trying to live life day by day in my own world view that may or may not include friends, family and reality. Still am actually. I would go so far as to call Scott Pilgrim the greatest post modern romantic ever.

And I guess that's what we all aspire to be, the romantic, even though we try to deny it in an ever apathetic-because-its-cool attitude which over saturates everything in life these days. No, ladies and gentleman. Don't let post modernism steal your soul. We still want to feel and love and feel loved. Very much so.

What? You were expecting a general summary of the story? Don't be lazy. Ask Uncle Google. Or better yet, go buy the collection. You will not regret it. Unless you hate everything and/or/up and including comics. Then go kill yourself. No. No.. Suicide is not something to be laughed at or made light of. Just... go away and sit in the quiet corner and meditate on mayhem and nihilism.

Bottom line. I heart Scott Pilgrim

Alright, just one more image since I've so fallen in love with print screen. What? I've just learnt to use it ok?

What we all ultimately aspire to reach.

If you need more reasons to read Scott Pilgrim, the you, sir/madam, are a most blase person. And I bet you don't even know what that means without referring to a dictionary. Or you're secretly part of a race of aliens who's one weakness is appreciating good shit (literally and metaphorically.. oh man.. nothing like a good shit at the end of the day).

Bryan Lee O'Malley, sir, please don't sue me for copyright infringement. I only wanted to share one minute but immensely important part of your work with your masses. And I know you don't have time to trawl through the blogs but in the rare almost never ever gonna happen no chance in hell instance you do visit here, thanks for reading! I read too! And yeah, please don't sue me.