Wednesday, February 15, 2006


no more smoking in the house, dont u love yourself?, why everytime i come home u have to make me shout at you?....blah blah blah blah...and the mom goes on and on and on. me mum's back from the states..happy happy joy joy... i mean that sarcastically and of course filially. i do miss her loads and stuff but the could have stayed in the states if u asked me. but then no one is asking me shit anyway so fuck it. speaking of mom's.. u always find that when u get nagged and scolded by your own mom its not so..erm.. harsh, so to speak, when compared to when your friend's mom launches a broadside on him and he just shrugs while you're shit scared of his mom. familiarity i guess. its been going on for 20 years and i guess its going to go on for quite a bit longer. like me dad...i dont have that sense of nonchalent partronism whenever he scolds me. jesus no... my balls invert in on themselves temporarily dont wanna fuck around with daddy now. but i guess u could say i got off lucky. i've never been beaten as badly as some of my other friends. of course...being of the age of matuarity now(sometimes anyway) we dont really get that whole shouting and screaming but more of that you're old enough now to know what's good for you. erm...not really...not at all.

in conjunction with a belated valentine's day... neh(shrug into words) never really was a big fan of the whole rose/chocolates/romantic dinner stuff. yeah...been there and done that...who hasnt in their infinate bliss of that security blanket called love? but you need a specific date to be reaffirm your love for someone? will you only buy roses for that special someone on that one specific day? will you only do stupid sappy lovey dovey shit only on february the 14th? honestly...the most sincere thing someone who you love can do for you and vice versa is a simple sincere i love you. everyday. dosent cost a cent. works better than roses which will eventually wither and die. of course...ppl being ppl...everybody likes complex shit. whats so un-romantic about saying i love you to someone? of course...if its done mechanically its a different story..but with a sincere heart...better than a flower with thorns. some ppl just dont appreciate the simple stuff anymore i guess. appreciation...thats the key word. no one appreciates anything anymore nowadays unless they're getting something out of it for themselves. selfish and unappreciative. thats what a millenium of evolution has done to the simple creature that crawled out of the sea onto the land on their bellies.(homo sapiens you homo ignoramus) .. heh...that was kinda weird.. from a valentine's day theme to the theory of evolution.

anyway...seeing as mrs right has yet to find me and vice versa... happy belated valentines day to one and all. ignore my rant. i just get a lil' bitchy at this time of the year.go out there and celebrate your "declaration" of love to your significant other. sigh..yes...even you homos matter how distasteful it may be. even your kind deserve some kind of love at the expense of others. opps... there i angst again. single ppl out there...hey..we got more money than those love sick fools for V-Day at least. and besides...who says you cant love your friends and your family?(in a non sexual/incestuous way...sick fuck). aww hell.. i love all of you dear readers. thanks for your patronage stretching back to emptyocean.

Friday, February 10, 2006

random random random

yes...i realize there is a fucking problem with the fucking comments. too bad...i really sometimes enjoy readings comments with a grain of salt and pepper and a little bit of sour sauce for taste.dont be afraid to leave a comment...even though its not related with the comment. i dont blame you actually. as i've said in many a rant... sometimes even i dont know what the hell im saying. oh..well...since i've been born and raised a malaysian true and through im not going to do jack shit about it coz im just too goddamned lazy. i detest administrative red tape bullshit. i detest filling out forms and writing official letters politely asking for some goddamned decent service for once. anyway... in relation to red tape bullshit...finally got them offer letters (Re university applications) all good.. all expected... all except Exeter. Right...first of all...i understand that they only offer a 1+2. right...but what the hell...apply anyway. then suddenly i get an offer for 3rd year. the fuck? being the sort who's easily excitable i did not read the lower half of the letter stating in needed a second upper in my year 1 for me to get in. err...right...i already did my first year and did not get a second why are u already offering me a place in 3rd year? the results are right in my application. damn english... just tell it to me i in or out? and guess what.. .im the only one to get such an offer from exeter in the entire intake... celeberty status... fuck...ppl i dont even know are coming up to me and saying good on you. i didnt win a lottery anyway...coming back to the issue at hand.. are they just dangling a carrot and suddenly violently pulling it away from me and saying fuck u little chink...u didnt get a second upper in year 1 and we only sent u that offer letter to rub it in? so fucking confused right now. anyway..exeter isint my only choice...have others...but i did really prefer exeter. oh well...we'll see.
see what i just did...i talked about my personal life. thats the yardstick proving that i have nothing better to do. i suppose i could talk about the Muhammad cartoons and all the shit thats been getting. i suppose i should say that it was wrong of the danish cartoonists to do so. i suppose i should also say that, though offensive and temper inducing.. the extreme measures taken are totally unnecessary and needless deaths could have been avoided. i could say a number of things about both parties...but then...i learned a long time ago...its no use getting all riled up about what the next(or indeed the current) idiot is doing/has done/is going to do. just a waste of precious brain cells commenting on every pit fall of humanity. we been tripping since we crawled out of the ocean and onto land. and we're still gonna trip when(if) we colonize the moon or mars. plus i have a big dick. (yes..i realize i ripped it from Harold and Kumar go to white castle.. i do have a sizable dick thanks for asking.... suck on it if u dont like me(yes...another standard ju statement which is crude and bla bla u honestly think i care?) )

no one can fully know another person inside out. yeah...u know me well...but how well do u know me? u dont know what i think about(other than sex) and my views on a fuck load of issues. u may just only see one side of me without seeing the entire hexagon that i really am. fuck that u dont understand me im special crap...everyone's special in their own way. negetively or sure even you are. and day u might see a side of me that you dont like at all and just drop me like a hot rock and vice versa me to you. i totally understand. and i expect u to do the same.

what the hell happened to jean claude van damme? the muscles from brussles. honestly...the last film i saw him in was street fighter. and after that? just right off the hollywood radar. not that he was the next arnie... but hey...he was kinda alright. along the lines of steven seagal. damn...he like a hippy akido fighter...the way he always talks and has that face. yeah i know he's buddhist..whatever makes him u sensitive prick that was not a stab at buddhism. god... just because im known for sarcasm dosent mean im sarcastic all the damn time. same thing with my looks. just coz i look like a bruiser dosent mean im one. i never ever threw a punch in anger at anyone. man....that was fucking insulting when u sit across me, and ask me if i feel violent right now...if i wanna hit someone at this very moment. what do u think i am? a psycho? jesus...if anyone then you for asking such an absurb question. looks determine my personality?and man.... i dont even know you. STFU. of my sides im talking about.

im tired and hungry now.. angst u later.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


ok... i might probably but most unlikely sound like a male chauvanist after this but hey, its not like i got a reputation to protect anyway.

we always hear things about feminist and how they have always been under the oppressive boots of that other human species called men. all well and good for that time and era i did say. women, i admit, did get a lot of shit from us during that time and thus we have women's sufferage and women's day and all other assorted holidays celebrating women's rights and liberties and more importantly, equality. but damnit, the way i've been seeing shit nowadays, men are getting fucking pussy whipped. dont get me wrong.. im all for women's equality. i believe that anything that a man can do, a woman can to, even better sometimes. but hell, when you curtail a guys right to do what he wants to do(bar infidelity and illegal stuff) thats just plaine taking a militant form of feminism. fine, we are sorry that we treated you like shit then with all the non voting and discriminatory acts which we did to women THEN. thats the fucking point, its history. granted, domestic abuse is a very modern and real thing thats rampantly happening these days along with rape and forced prostitution and this scribe here has zero tolerance for all that bullshit. but im talking about the bitch mode and the belief that men are meant to be kept under a woman's thumb and treated as ATMs. true, we are the providers of the family and we have a responsibility to put them food on the table but damnit, if u want a CLK(and im not talking about Cute Little Kelisa/Kancil(God...its is so annoying when ppl say that) ) and all i can afford is maybe a honda, there's no valid reason to throw a bitch fit and leave a man and poison the kids into thinking that the father is a no good bum. unmaried men, how many times have u seen that pout/ bitchy emo-ness when u couldnt afford that MNG or Zara for your lady love? True, women are empowered these days to have their earn their own money today and i fully support that form of liberty. by all means sisters, if that gucci/prada bag or vinci shoes(oh yes...i've been around the mall before) makes you happy then by all means go ahead and get it. but if the man cant pay for it then too bad. its hard enough to support ourselves let alone our significant other. im not saying that if u can afford it and still be comfortable to go ahead and be a stingy bastard. i believe that caring for your significant other also includes treating sometimes, but not all the time.

so, what im trying(trying in the very real sense of the word, coz sometimes i look back at all i've written, i dont understand what the fuck im saying myself) to convey here(but by no means not the Church/Mosque) is that.. women, treat your man right. a good relationship equals compromise and understanding. if have high demands and u fall for a guy with small supply(non sexual connotation) then u just have to accept the fact that u cant live the high life like u want to i.e retail therapy/music therapy(clubbing) sponsored by significant other, coz he just cant fucking afford it. believe me, most guys(or a small majority...depending on your worldview) would love to see their woman treated like a queen and it hurts like fuck to see that he cant provide. but plaine fucking simple fact of life...they just cant. my fellow brothers... treat your woman right and not as an object to be humped or treated like shit just because you have an agenda with a bad apple. besides... your mom is a woman too. and so is your sister and your aunty and your grandma.

complex creatures men and women.... cant live with them and cant live without them. unless you're a homosexual of course... a matter of choice i agree.. but just like how homosexuals want ppl to accept them for who they are, they gotta accept the fact that some wont. me.. i find it revolting. but then again im just being bias. never did accept homosexuals pre and post lebsian affair. no offence..its just who i am. and you know my answer to that if you dont like it. it involves u getting on your knees and making like a circus seal.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

brutal honesty

how can a thing such as honesty be so fucking brutal?do we not frown upon ppl who lie? is not the entire judicial system based on the truth? does one not get angry when they find that they have been lied/conned/ duped by another? cold hard brutal honesty kiddies... honesty is not the best policy and its fucking anal rapingly brutal take the cliched circumstances. infidelity..the most common and most brutal form of honesty to some extent.well, infidelity is not commonly associated with the word honesty as the word infidelity usually relates to cheating partners. cheat in a sense they both dont want the other to know they fucking somebody else. now...the honesty part comes in upon the cliched walking into bed to find your partner with another person of the opposite sex(or same some certain mind fucking cases) engaging in sexual activities. the honesty dawns upon the poor fuck that they either suck in bed and hence their significant other has sought greener pastures or that the significant other was only using you for their own personal agenda(and it certainly wasnt because u were a good fuck).plainely and simply fucking brutal honesty
or how about fat ppl. honestly...does a 300 pounder look even remotely sexually appealing to anyone? yeah yeah...claim about not being shallow and that love is deeper than looks...i say...u can take your hypocrisy and fucking shove it. u did never fuck an obese guy even though he's the sweetest guy on earth. not knocking fat ppl guys are the funnest ppl to be around with. and yes..i realize the whole world does not revolve around fucking(well,it does, in a way)but plaine fucking brutal honesty...obese guys arent ever gonna get some..and even if so...through a prostitute. and not out of love
love is the biggest illusion of all and from there stems the biggest form of brutal honesty. there is no love. just an illusion which equates to time, money and effort spent on someone(not necessarily a significant other). the only love that ever came close to being was from God and even that was rejected. If we can reject God's love then what makes you so fucking special and say you've found the "one" and that you love him/her? you dont love them, you just need them for your own selfish needs. marraige just makes the effect long term.
might be mayhaps that the writer is bummed out on the idea of love since he got badly burned himself. however, if you readers feel im wrong then you are entitled to your own views. as far as i've heard, there hasnt been a bible of Ju-Rants to tell you how to live your life. this here is just an insane rant from a delusional angry person. i have already warned everybody about this since day one and if you fucking believe and put value into what i say and actually start believing in what i believe about certain issues then you're just proving to me how doomed mankind really is. you arent some fucking robot without a mind. u can think. fathom and reason. dont put stock into what i just fucking ranting
plaine and simple honesty....brutal or not i leave it up to u to decide..unless u want me to hold your hand every fucking step of the way.

disclaimer: i cant sleep, i just ran out of fags and have been reading some very painful experiences about infidelity when this rant came to mind. please disregard for your own mental well being. but if u like it... thanks...

u think up of a better title

been fucking bz as of late...yes yes i know...its bloody chinese new year/federal day/ awal muharram holidays and thus an entitlement to one week of freedom from the overlords. one fucking week free from assignments, tutorials, nonsensical classmates and from G. i swear... next to Michelle no other girl has constantly haunted the infernal upper playground(me artsty fucksy word for the mind) like her, and she dosent even put up an effort. ergo..its not her..its me. stories of her have been told and over told over many periods of delusional insane rantings so thus shall not be repeated again. well...she does have a pretty face and she is the first girl i liked in which her eloquence was a factor... right..shall not start
on that note...i do have a thing for girls who speak good English and have a very deep/husky voice. must be my upbringing. anyway...that was just a turn on thing..not necessarily a major factor in deciding to get a girl, which explains why i went out with Michelle and one other whose name shall not be mentioned as the very thought of her brings my balls to my throat...*shivers* think chandler and janice (oh-- my-- god!)
okok...side tracked there... the reason i've been bz? been intensifiying silat training/teaching. yes..i practice silat and i also teach. now whats so weird about that? just because its a malay art? fuck...chinese ppl practice taekwando and karate.. KOREAN and JAPANESE martial arts respectively. i dont see anybody saying shit. White guys practicing Muay Thai which is Thai...nobody says shit about that. what i wanna practice is up to me and of my own decision. Who died and made u king/queen of my world? anyway....why upping the ante? got new students and the teacher felt i was ready to there..happy?
been having writers block lately...try as hard as i can...nothing epihanious has come to mind. alright..sometimes i may just write an update to tell u that im still alive but not necessarily well mentally or otherwise but the main reason this blog was created was to the name suggests genius. havent had anything to rant about lately. its like as if everything in my the lesbian issue and the whole self hating chink attitude.. is completely content. of course...there are the normal worries of a normal young man such as studies and whether i will ever get another chick to fill the void in my heart a lesser but honest dick.. but not broke anymore.. im doing alright(i think) in studies, i still have a roof over my head and a lot of other things im very thankful for. really...nothing to rant about/ fight for. to stand up and say this is fucking wrong and here is my fucking two cents protest about it. besides..its all just so much angry words from an angry person and is my outburst going to change a damn thing about it? as it is...not many ppl read this blog which isint an issue here....2 ppl read my blog and comment and i feel like fucking dan brown so thank you for your patronage.there is just no spark to ignite anymore to raise awareness....either that or i havent heard about it...since my fucking newspaper man is a reliant as wanting the dog to shit when u take him out so that its over and done with. and no....i dont have a sex life and therefore cant fucking be like and tell you how i humped this girl in 32 different position and we both orgasmed at the same time, cuddled while we slept..then woke up and had hot passionate orgasm inducing sex again.

so dear it any wonder i blog less? its not about the hits and the comments on this page....its the fucking content.