Saturday, October 07, 2006

Boredom (in) Bristol

Boredom and Bristol both start with the same alaphabet. im starting to think it isint just coincidence. Everything here closes at 8 besides the pubs and the strip clubs which i have yet to find and thus visit just for "experience" sake. and dont get hyped up about the "open and liberal" society that i am currently living in. the only thing open about them are the female's legs and the guys bottles.(not meant as a sexual innuendo but now that i think about it...) and they are liberal to the extent that they liberally do not like foreigners who arent tourists. they only speak to you so they can hear you speak english the way you've been taught and not english english which is in itself something totally not akin to english. paradoxical and ironical englishmen. the weather here is lovely though. its either windy or raininy or gloomy with small random bursts of sunshine for good measure. take your pick. and the people im with here arent friends. they are people i live with and socialize with in order to create a harmonious enviroment which is advantageous for studying. plus they cook and i dont. a real friend is someone who knows me inside out. a real friend is someone who would have my back(in a non gay way) even though i was wrong( and even take the effort to point out my flaws so i can improve on them but still accept me for who i am, flaws and all). a friend is someone who would call you at around 12 am so we can go for teh tarik in a mamak(which is non existant on this fucking island) or spend mindless hours playing some damn game in some damn cybercafe. a friend is someone who would just come out and chill with you, have a fag, engage in mindless banter on the short comings of humanity, the opposite sex who taunt us ever so often and lead us on the road for the big let down and mock gay culture. a friend is someone who would put up with your nonsensical drunken blabbering about how amazonian warriors have no right tit and still laugh along with you even if you dont know what you're laughing about in the first place because you just consumed 21 seconds of whisky from the bottle. a friend would drag your sleepy ass out of bed so you can company him for PJ nasi lemak. a friend drives you around(with you paying for the petrol and food contributions as well) because you're have a phobia about driving.a friend is someone who has an iq higher than your other friend with a less iq introduces you to a hot nympho chick who u really wanted to bone but instead engaged in a deep and meaningful conversation about life and discovered you have the same birthday and as you leave her appartment you realize you're leaving tomorrow and you should have met her sooner not just for a fuck but to talk and be glad to have meet a like minded kindred spirt to talk to and a fuck would just be a bonus. a friend buys you the jacket that you're using now. a friend would talk to you over the internet which keeps the misery and homesickness and boredom away. a friend is what im missing over here in Bristol. in short, i hate this place and i want to go home. if you havent already realized that im a really whiney ass dick(haha...ass and dick) then you shoulndt be reading this blog in the first place.

Monday, October 02, 2006

cold weather warm memories... most of em anyway

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, which ever one you are. the time difference is so fucked here i really dont know anymore. its 2 am local time Bristol and i cant fall asleep even though my eyes are bloodshot. i feel tired but i just wont go to sleep. and it cant be jetlag because i've been here for 2 weeks plus and the week before i was sleeping fine. shit. and as per the title, its fucking cold right now. and its going to get colder withing the coming weeks. right, i know its much colder up north and bla blickety blah but come on, when you're used to the weather never being below 27 celcius and suddenly you wake up everyday with the tempreture being about 9 - 10 celcius, its a big fucking climate change. but i suppose i'll will have to get used to it. Its not like i can do much about being homesick. the weather, the friends, the food and most importantly, the family. Hermes included. Here, besides from having a shaky malaysian connection with the other malaysians and of course a couple of nice white and black folks here and there, its...lonely. No, i have not had a bang/shag/fuck yet. its hardly the top of my priorities right now. I just want to get through my studies, get through everything without a hitch, get every little administrative and bureaucratic bullshit out of the way. I just want to go home.

I remeber a time when, back home, 2 am was considered "still early". DotA, pj nasi lemak, drinking nights or just plaine talking cock. God, i really miss all that. I know that all of them, they would willingly watch my back and though we might disagree about shit sometimes and fight, like how all families do, i would willingly stand with them. always. Here, who's watching my back? who will stand with me? im just a foreigner.

sorry for being melancholic. cold weather does that to you. and since my liver is so fucked i cant drink. so smoking it is, regardless of the slight wheezing. i think i'll quit. but then what is to keep me warm? memories, thats what. bittersweet memories. on a lighter note, i made the american football team. Offensive lines man. GO BULLETS! and a darker note, i fucked my ankle. its not broken but i cant put much weight on it either. just gotta walk it off i guess.

anyway, thanks for listening to a homesick student's rant. its fucking cold right now so i am going to get under the blanket with 2 shirts and sweater and socks on. and yes, obviously im wearing my jeans to sleeps. sadly another body(preferably female of course, me no bhatty bhoy) is all thats missing. good night Bristol, good morning Malaysia. sodding off.