Tuesday, September 26, 2006


you know that tale about how if you put an evil person in a room with a good person they did both exchange personalities? the good person becoming evil and vice versa? nope...neither did i. theoretically it could be possible. practically i think its total bullshit. you cant change a person and his/her beliefs and principles. no matter what they may be. unless you're someone with no backbone or personality of course. what defines us all is the individualism we all aspire to want to have. to do our own thing. of course.... being human, this is nigh impossible being the social creatures that we are. and with sociality comes compromise. and with compromise comes the burying of hatchets. that is the current situation here in Bristol. Old feuds, past misunderstandings and miscommunications and supposed slights have to be forgotten in order to forge an acceptable harmonized social environment. with social graces and all that fake stuff. i guess its not all fake i guess. im making a very conscious effort to be nice to everyone so as to not create a disharmonized environment in an already tense and disorientating situation. but there's only so much on can take. and theres only so much one can try to forgive but not forget. and it dosent help that i keep getting recurring dreams about the one who shall not be named. in all her beautiful ugliness. with her the hatchet shall always be armed and bloodied.

anyway, if you're quite finished with all the metaphors and illusions and innuendos, its pretty fucking boring here. and i havent had a shag yet. and im joining the american football team. thats your cue to laugh. anyway, im off now to the try outs. cheers. englishmen can never say thanks or welcome but just cheers. damn drunkards.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

not really a stranger in a strange land

well well well...first foreign post. blogging and ranting to you live and direct from Frenchay Campus of UWE in Bristol, England. the first thing that comes to mind is that its fucking cold here. ok.. maybe an understatement. its not like malaysian weather thats for damn sure. am currently acclimatizing myself to the weather, the time, the people and trying to speak english a little slower so the white man can understand me better. im on their turf now. im the foreigner. but its not so bad really. so far all the locals "seem" nice and polite. but then again, its only been 48 hours since i've arrived. walking is the "in" thing here it seems. you walk everywhere. im going to be fucking thin with all the walking im doing. that is...if they stop giving out free beer at the student union bar. am currently staying with 2 other malaysians and a french girl and a cypriot dude. nice people. still...i miss the machas back home. i miss their girlfriends(in a very platonic way) i miss having a nasi lemak with some good spicy sambal and not the overpriced salty shit that they're passing off here. and you know the english.... fucking drunkards, fucking cunts and wankers. they is well pissed off(drunk). yes... have come to slightly understand the language. meet an irish dude the other day thought. Jesus, Marty and Fucking Joseph. good bloke. treated like shit by the admin because he's irish. fuckin hell. wankers. just a little taste of what i have to put up with on a daily basis. am kinda drunk now. beer here is really cheap. i miss my family. i miss my friends. i miss aliyah. i miss home... fuckin hell...sodding off. catch u later luv.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


well.. the day has finally arrived. i am to depart my beloved home and live as a foreign exile for a year in England. i need not write another farewell post as i have already done so. again, all of you, all my loved ones, friends and family and even my four legged friend Hermes, i love all of you and will miss you all. your memories will keep me warm on those cold and lonesome nights in a foreign land. fare thee well all of you. till we meet again. till the prodigal son returns to the promised land.