Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Independence day is like valentines day to me. Sentimental at best, utterly redundant at worst. You already know my feelings about Valentines day. My feelings on Independence day is simply an extension of that same feeling. Anyone with a intellect can tell that, things are not as rosey as they seem in Malaysia. There is unequal enforcement of the law, the judiciary is a joke and corruption is seen as the norm rather the exception. These problems pale in comparison with the underlying and ubiquitous racism that is becoming more apparent everyday. You cannot pick up a newspaper daily without getting angry at the perceived and/or real racial tensions. Even in the weeks leading up to Merdeka, we have principals telling us that if you're not Malay, you're just a passenger. You have no right or say in how things are run. That if we don't like it here we should just go back to China or India or wherever it is our ethnicity determines we're from. We have vandals firebombing places of worship. We have "groups" telling us not to question something that we inherently find wrong "or else". The dream of nationhood envisioned by those who gave us our freedom have been sullied and soiled by those who stalk the corridors of power today. I love my country with all my heart. But, using a football metaphor, I hate the way things are being run by those in power. Nonetheless and in spite of that, I love my country. I'm Malaysian. Im not Chinese, I'm not a foreigner, I'm not just here to make money and run away. I'm Malaysian. And I'm here to stay.

What also grinds my gears is the fact that only today are people speaking up about solidarity and unity. Why today only? If we are to achieve our vaunted 1Malaysia vision, shouldn't it be a daily mantra? Recited and unequivocally shouted from the rooftops everyday in the face of an ever growing and boisterous minority who feel otherwise? This is going back again to my Valentines day argument. Do not affix cosmic/nationalistic significance to a single day if the cause is one that you truly believe in. Yes, remember our heritage, our history, our coming into being, but do not abuse that privilege by simply making nationalistic statements only today.