Thursday, October 07, 2010

sesi berteriak #314

I saw Dazed and Confused. I was bored and annoyed with it. Which leads me to question why Quentin Tarantino list's it as one of his favourite movies. Then again, he did make Kill Bill and Death Proof. Only Selma Hayak's appearance saved From Dusk to Dawn from appearing in that same sentence.

If we ever meet again. That song is so.. infectious to say the least. Even if you hate pop you can't help but hum that song as it sinks deeper and deeper into your hipster subconscious. On a related note, only Katy Perry can pull off the fringe look. And you, madam who thinks she's 30 but actually more like 50, are not Katy Perry.

Jaybob and his dvdrip team have spoilt me. I no longer enjoy the cinema experience. Part of this rationale could be a uniquely Malaysian perspective, given that most Malaysian cinema goers are just down right rude and have no idea what decorum is (no, its not a new brand of rum) and/or have kids. Blame also shifts to the censorship board of Malaysia which has their mindset firmly rooted in the 1910s. Also, if you get offended by the word fuck... what the hell are you doing watching a film like the Expandables? You sir/madam/prick, are at the height of hypocrisy.

I don't know how to flirt. Really, I don't. I am more likely to have a deep and somewhat intelligent conversation with you as the night wears on instead of, you know, trying to get in your pants. I invariably enter into "friend" zone at which I'm more comfortable with and that eventually leads to another sexless night because who wants to do "such a nice guy" right? I have not in fact found a friend with benefits or a fuck buddy and am beginning to think that they're are merely creatures of myth like unicorns or a just and incorruptibly politician. And Lord Xemu i guess.

I really hope my kids are talented in something. Musical instruments are a good start. So's sports. Please do not become like your father who has delusions of grandeur that he can write. Hell, even if you become a doctor that's already a huge bonus. Heck, anything actually, so long as it's not pornography or drug running. I would not rather have you behind bars with a rather large set man named Tina with a "mom" tattoo on his forehead.

"You may now kiss the bride". "Kiss her? I am going to DESTROY her" That made me laugh.

Two people I would have hoped would have wished me Happy Birthday did not in the end. This made me melancholic. One of you know who you are. The other, I doubt very much since Im further from you sphere that is your life than the star formerly known as planet Pluto. But then again im not supposed to care so.... In fact I do care, but I'm supposed to present a stoic front as a self defense mechanism which everyone who knows me well is a ruse of the highest order and as fake as a mall santa who answer's his phone with "Wazzup Playa!" while in mid "HoHoHo"( what exactly do you call that anyway? a merry guffaw? a hearty chortle?)

This post was incidentally written on 7 October 2010 but was only published 11.11pm on 1/1/11.

Edit: This post was edited on 7/9/2011 to correct a rather glaring mistake which no one pointed out but I decided to change anyway since I'm such an anal (personality, not sexual position) kind of guy.