Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Poor man's Poe

I see you sometimes in the night
A haunting past, an apparition
Of wrong choices, a soul stalker
Of things left unsaid.

You chase my guilt in the familiar.
I am afraid of new potentials.
To think we've come so far
Only to come back again
To dark corridors of perdition.

A swirling mist of uncertainty
That settles and cloaks me
Like a tender kiss of death.
Icy tendrils, clawing, scratching;
A torturer's delight, gasps of agony.

A haunted forest hung with grim
Visages of past mistakes,
Rictus grins taunting, laughing
Mirthlessly, accusingly.
Mea culpa, Mea culpa, I plead;
Silence of the graves.

I'm not being emo. I just felt like doing some poetry. Not that I'm any good at it. But I feel that it is a rather elegant way of expressing one's feelings/emotions/thoughts on everything really.  Plus, you know, English Lit student and all that artsy razzle dazzle.

I wouldn't dare be that presumptuous and say I'm such a lover of Literature and the Arts because, besides course material and a few other choice works, I know diddly squat about that stuff. But that's the beauty of Art isn't it? Its universally appreciated subjectively. Feelings which can't be articulated into fancy and intelligent sounding words does not negate the actual feeling. Much like literature, and much like life in general. And I'm blabbering.

This poem/post was, surprisingly, soundtracked by Kanye West, specifically, ironically, from his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. Did it serve as my muse? I can't say, honestly. I thought about this poem on a cab ride home from work and Kanye West certainly wasn't soundtracking that (Incubus was though, specifically A Crow Left of the Murder album).

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